Empowering Youth Through Digital Literacy and Civic Engagement in Sicily


In the heart of Messina, the Sicily Digital School initiates the project “Empowering Youth Through Digital Literacy and Civic Engagement in Sicily” aiming to tackle concrete challenges: high youth unemployment and a widening digital divide. The project seeks to equip young people with essential digital skills and foster active civic participation, aligning with the demands of the modern job market and ideals of an inclusive society.

Project Genesis: The curtain rises with a virtual kick-off, bringing together partners and stakeholders to outline the vision and objectives. From the outset, the Sicily Digital School establishes an open dialogue with local communities, pinpointing the specific needs of Messina’s youth and the most effective pathways for their empowerment.

Architecture of Change: Gradually, the project unfolds through well-structured phases:

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: A careful selection process identifies motivated youths, especially those in disadvantaged situations, ensuring the project directly impacts their employability and social inclusion.
  • Development and Implementation: Tailored training modules covering critical aspects like online security, digital entrepreneurship, and civic participation are developed. Through interactive workshops and mentoring sessions, participants not only acquire technical knowledge but also vital soft skills for their personal and professional development.


Narrative of Progress: The project evolves with thematic workshops, from the basics of online security to digital marketing strategies and exploring ethical issues in artificial intelligence. Each workshop is designed to stimulate critical thinking, promote innovation, and encourage the practical application of acquired skills.

Towards a Sustainable Future: Following the workshops, the project focuses on impact evaluation, meticulously analyzing participants’ progress and developing strategies for disseminating the results. The goal is dual: ensure the youths can navigate the digital world successfully and that the lessons learned benefit a broader audience, positively influencing the educational and employment ecosystem of Messina and beyond.

Project Legacy: “Empowering Youth Through Digital Literacy and Civic Engagement in Sicily” aims to leave a lasting legacy, not only through the direct empowerment of the participating youths but also by contributing to building a more resilient and inclusive community. The initiative underscores the importance of a holistic approach to education, where digital skills go hand-in-hand with civic awareness and active participation, charting a course for future generations of digitally competent and socially engaged citizens.


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Cittadinanza Digitale e Partecipazione Democratica


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Digital citizenship and democratic participation

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