Registration and course fees

All costs for Sicily Digital School courses can be supported with Erasmus+ grant, your organisation’s or your own funding. The Erasmus+ grant corresponds to the compensation level of Erasmus+ programme 2021-27, as presented in Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2024

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Sicily Digital School courses have a fixed price. The fee for a 7-day on-site course is €660.

This fixed price does not apply to special courses tailored for schools or consortia.

The full course payment of €660 is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Course Fee (for a 7-day course): €560 for tuition and materials. This is covered by the course fee you receive with your grant: €80 per day.
  2. One hundred euros (€100) per participant in staff mobility for courses and training that you receive with your KA1 grant for organizational support goes to the course provider, due to the higher cost level to make the high-quality courses affordable. Please read the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2024. Another option is the contribution paid by participants as a form of co-funding contributed by the participants in mobility activities.
  4. The course methodology integrates observation, sharing and creating output consolidating a quality course. Participants observe teaching, studying and learning processes in classrooms in small groups or individually, share experiences and expertise on the topic in group and plenary sessions and work individually or in groups on recommendations for one’s own school (learning diary, social media updates, blogs etc.). aspires creating an output. Working individually or in groups on a concrete product to be used in your own school.

  6. Travel costs and costs for accommodation and meals are covered by the Erasmus+ grant but are not included in the Sicily Digital School course fee:

    • Travel Costs. The grant includes a budget for travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance you need to travel from your home to the course location. To learn more, take a look at the distance calculator.
    • Accommodation and Meals (Individual Support in the Grant). The amount you receive to cover your hotel stay and meals will depend on the country.
    • Sicily Digital School does not organize hotel stays, but we provide advice for booking hotels in different price categories near the course venue, as well as affordable options for lunch. As for dinners, all of our venues are located in areas with easy access to plenty of dining options.
    • Remember to consider travel insurance.

If you’re not school staff or otherwise ineligible for the Erasmus+ grant, don’t worry. You can still access our online courses. For information on courses fees, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to provide you with all the details you need to join our enriching educational experiences

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Terms and Conditions for Online and On-Site Courses

General Terms and Conditions

The course on-site, will be confirmed after it reaches the minimum number of participants.

Registered participants are contacted by email after the course confirmation.


In case of cancellation, Sicily Digital School, as the course provider, is not responsible for the financial or other consequences concerning travel, accommodation, food, or others.

If you need to cancel your registration, email

For on-site courses, course cancellations are accepted if conveyed at least 30 days before the starting date of the course. In such cases, Sicily Digital School will refund the full fee paid minus a 160 EUR administration cost.

If the course cancellation is not conveyed within this time limit, Sicily Digital School will not refund the course fee paid. With the start of the course, the fee is non-refundable.

For our online courses, Sicily Digital School adheres to a strict no-refund policy. Once the course material is purchased and accessed, we do not offer refunds or accept change-of-mind cancellations. This policy ensures the protection of our intellectual property and the integrity of our course offerings. We encourage participants to review all course details thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure it meets their needs and expectations


Acquiring travel insurance and social security are obligatory and at one’s own responsibility.

The European Health Insurance Card, EHIC, is an option for EU citizens.

Invoicing Procedure

Invoices are sent via email after your registration.

The invoice will be sent to the contact person of the school/organization. The billing address will be the school/organization’s address.

All correspondence about invoicing will be done by the contact person of the school/organization.

The invoices can be paid by the individual staff or by the school/organization. The reference number of the bill(s) should be mentioned when paying. If you don’t mention the reference number, you might get a reminder for the bill as the payment will not be recognized. The use of reference number(s) when paying is a necessity.