Maximizing the use of new technologies

Course Outline In today’s world, technology and social media play a pivotal role. Digital platforms, mobile applications, and social networks provide educators with numerous new opportunities and tools, accompanied by unique challenges. For teachers and educational staff, navigating these technologies without proper guidance can be daunting and time-intensive.

This course is designed for teachers, trainers, and education managers to develop an understanding of best practices and effective ways to utilize social technologies and web solutions in an educational context. Through a hands-on and experiential learning approach, educators will learn to optimize the use of modern technologies, apps, and social media in classroom settings.

Training Objectives This comprehensive course aims to enhance the digital and ICT skills of participants in a practical manner, alongside peers and trainers from across Europe. It focuses on broadening understanding of European educational methodologies and sharing best practices. The primary goal is to advance educational quality by equipping educators to integrate cutting-edge technologies and social media into their teaching practices.

Participants will explore a variety of digital tools and platforms in a safe, supportive environment, making the course ideal for those taking initial steps into the digital world. It provides a thorough overview of ICT and social technologies applicable in educational settings.

The course content is adaptable, catering to the specific ICT proficiency levels of the attendees.

Participants will:

  • Gain insights into key technologies and trends in integrating ICT into education;
  • Become familiar with prominent social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and their educational applications;
  • Learn to create and incorporate images and videos in the classroom;
  • Acquire skills in website and blog design;
  • Understand the fundamentals of e-learning platform development;
  • Discover engaging, motivating, and innovative educational apps and web solutions;
  • Attain a new perspective on integrating ICT tools into education;
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with European educational professionals;
  • Network with individuals and organizations in the European educational sector.

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