Debate in Italian schools serves as both a curricular and extracurricular training pathway. Through formal debate education, students learn to consider opposing viewpoints, gather adequate documentation, and organize arguments to support a thesis. Preparation and execution of debates involve anticipating the mental, formal, and emotional processes of the opposing side. Debate teaches students to understand others’ perspectives and manage conflict, developing crucial skills for civil life and democratic discourse.

The course covers:

  • Public Speaking techniques;
  • Argument construction;
  • Roles of speakers in Debate;
  • Evaluating a Debate.

Expected skills include:

  • Knowledge of Debate protocols, especially the World School Debate format;
  • Utilizing Debate methodology;
  • Designing and evaluating Debate: tools and methods;
  • Researching, selecting, and using reliable sources;
  • Organizing Debate competitions in and between classes.

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