Public Speaking and Effective Communication

Why Take This Course If you’re looking to acquire the essential skills for clear, engaging, and effective communication, our introductory course is the ideal choice. We’ll explore the dynamics of engagement and storytelling, providing you with practical tools to build successful conversations. This course offers immediately applicable advice, focusing on developing persuasive dialogues and impactful communications.

The Course The introductory course focuses on the fundamentals of clear and engaging communication, leveraging engagement and storytelling, with practical and instantly applicable advice for effective dialogue. You’ll explore the golden rule of communication, analyzing intention and perception to create authentic dialogues. Discover the power of compelling questions and learn to build engaging stories, understanding their impact on the human brain. We’ll delve into leadership communication and the key skills that turn a leader into a successful communicator.

Target Audience This basic course is recommended for anyone looking to refine their communication skills, regardless of their organizational level. Whether you’re an emerging professional, an established manager, or a leader, the transferable skills you’ll acquire are crucial for improving your interactions with others and positively influencing conversations.

Course Contents

  • The golden rule of communication
  • Communication and engagement
  • Intention and perception
  • Communication as dialogue
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questions
  • Storytelling
  • The impact of a story on the brain
  • Ingredients and structure of a story
  • Leadership communication
  • Leader skills
  • The KISS Rule
  • Providing clarity, not certainty

Skills You’ll Acquire

  • Actively listen to your interlocutors
  • Put yourself in your interlocutor’s perspective
  • Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal language
  • Ask powerful questions to create dialogue
  • Use storytelling to engage people
  • Understand the effects of a story on our brain
  • Understand the relationship between leadership and effective communication
  • Learn the key skills that make a leader a good communicator

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