Teaching languages in the digital era

Course Outline In the evolving landscape of the 21st century, teaching languages is an innovative and dynamic process. The internet and new technologies are constantly offering fresh opportunities and tools to aid students in language acquisition. For language educators, staying informed and trained in the latest digital resources, apps, and web platforms is essential to enhance the effectiveness and engagement of teaching both foreign and native languages.

This training course is designed for teachers, trainers, and education managers to explore the most effective digital tools for language learning. With a practical, hands-on approach, participants will develop essential ICT skills that can be directly applied in language teaching.

Training Outcomes This structured Erasmus Plus course provides an opportunity for educators to practically enhance their ICT skills alongside fellow professionals from across Europe. The course aims to broaden understanding of European educational practices and foster an exchange of best practices and experiences. The primary goal is to elevate the quality of language education by equipping educators with the skills to utilize top digital tools for teaching languages.

The course is tailored to suit the specific ICT profiles and needs of participants, ensuring a relevant and impactful learning experience.

By participating in this Erasmus Plus training course, attendees will:

  • Understand the latest technologies and trends in incorporating ICT and digital resources in language teaching;
  • Discover the most effective apps, web platforms, and digital tools for language learning;
  • Learn to use digital flashcards for vocabulary review and expansion;
  • Master creating and utilizing multimedia content in language education;
  • Grasp basic concepts of web design, blended learning, and e-learning;
  • Create digital games to enhance language learning;
  • Employ digital tools for vocabulary and grammar assessment and review;
  • Utilize ICT tools to make teaching languages more engaging, motivating, and interactive;
  • Gain fresh insights into ICT tools and learn innovative methods and best practices for language teaching;
  • Share experiences and best practices with European educators and staff;
  • Build networks with professionals and organizations in the European education sector through collaborative and networking activities

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